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Variable-Speed HVAC Technology: What to Know

Variable-Speed HVAC Technology: What to KnowConventional single-speed HVAC systems come with just one speed setting, meaning they run at full blast whenever they’re on. On the other hand, variable-speed HVAC systems come with motors that can run at low speeds, high speeds, and anywhere in between to match your home’s heating and cooling needs. Does that imply you should consider such a system next time you want to replace your home comfort system? Let’s first take a look at what variable-speed technology has to offer.

Energy Efficiency

The “100 percent or nothing” operation of single-speed HVAC systems uses more power. A system with a variable speed motor will use just as much electricity as is required to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. For example, during light-load conditions such as the cooler times of the day, a variable-speed compressor operates at low speeds. This translates to significant energy savings.


Traditional systems operate at full blast and then turn off once the desired temperature is achieved. The temperature fluctuations associated with them can be a source of great discomfort. Variable-speed HVAC systems usually make adjustments in smaller increments. They run longer and at lower speeds. As a result, they provide more precise temperature and humidity control. On extreme weather days, the motor will ramp up to provide the extra capacity needed to keep you and your family comfortable.

Quiet Operation

Most of the time, variable-speed systems don’t operate at their full speeds. As a result, they’re quieter than the other conventional types of heating and air conditioning systems.

Less Wear and Tear

Single-speed systems cycle on and off more frequently than variable-speed systems. This constant cycling eventually wears down HVAC equipment. The lower operating speeds and less cycling in variable-speed systems help extend equipment life.

While the initial price of variable-speed systems may be higher than that of traditional ones, the comfort, efficiency, and reliability you’ll get make the systems a worthwhile investment. To learn more about variable-speed HVAC systems, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. Yuma homeowners have counted on us to deliver reliable and trustworthy HVAC services since 1952.

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