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HVAC Halloween Costumes That Inspire

HVAC Halloween Costumes That InspireHalloween is right around the corner, so it’s important that you start thinking about costume possibilities before it’s too late. What many people don’t realize is that there are plenty of Halloween costumes that are either inspired by HVAC careers or utilize HVAC tools and/or components that can be found around the house or purchased for a small amount.

Career-Inspired Costumes

While your typical, tried-and-true HVAC technician doesn’t have a unique costume, per se, there are plenty of others to mine ideas from. You can grab a pipe and go as a plumber or use tons of hair spray to fluff up your hair and go as an accident-prone electrician. With that latter one, you can also incorporate a light socket as the source of the costume’s problems. And, of course, don’t forget about Tim “the Toolman” Taylor from the old Home Improvement TV show. That counts, too.

Fortnite Costume

Fornite’s costume offerings this year are likely to be huge, but they probably won’t be cheap. However, whether you pay for a costume or make your own, adding a plunger to the outfit is an easy change to make. Just add on something that looks like it could be an explosive (like a small, decorated cardboard box) and you have one of the weapons of the game – the clinger! Don’t worry… you might not get it, but your kids will!

Dryer Vent Costumes

You might be surprised at how versatile dryer vents can be when it comes to Halloween costumes. The most common is to use the vents as the arms and legs of the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz. Other popular costumes that use dryer vents include Slinky from Toy Story, a general kind of silver robots, and Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man.

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