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Winterizing Your HVAC

Winterizing Your HVACEven though most of the weather in the Yuma area is mild during the cool season, it’s still a good idea to winterize your HVAC system. When you do need it, it run more efficiently and dependably when you and your HVAC pro have gone through it carefully.

Change the air filter.

If you haven’t changed your filter since shutting off the A/C, replace it before turning on your furnace. Your heating bills will be lower and the air cleaner. A clogged filter will reduce the amount of air going into the air handler, which increases the amount of time your furnace has to run to warm your home.

The air that does enter the air handler will bring in more dust and debris, which will settle on the parts inside it. Over time, the dust will keep the parts warmer by insulating them. Both the furnace and air conditioning components will lose efficiency. Eventually, they could break and require replacement.

Clean the register covers.

Check for dust on the register covers and clean them with a soft brush or wipe them with a damp cloth. Enough dust will slow down the air flowing through the ductwork and some of it will make it into your home’s air, reducing its quality.

Remove the vegetation from the outdoor condenser.

Winterize your HVAC system by cleaning the area around the outdoor condenser. Dead leaves and vegetation may have accumulated around it that should be removed. It’s especially important if you use a heat pump, since the condenser plays a role in heating your home. When the condenser has plenty of airflow around it, it runs more efficiently.

Make an appointment for routine maintenance.

If you haven’t had a professional go through your HVAC system for the season, make an appointment. The technician will clean and adjust it, check all the safety features and lubricate the motor.

Although the heating season is short here, the steps you take to winterize your HVAC system improves its efficiency and durability. For more information, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.

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