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HVAC Maintenance Checklist for After the Holidays

HVAC Maintenance Checklist for After the HolidaysWho said that you get to rest after a holiday? The truth is, a homeowner’s work is never done, and that means it’s time to share some of our favorite post-holiday tips with our readers. Add these to your HVAC checklist and you can’t go wrong.

Call an HVAC Technician

If you missed your chance this past year to call a qualified technician for your annual furnace checkup, post-holiday is the perfect time. The technician will keep your equipment running smoothly and pinpoint any possible repairs that you may need in the future.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat probably got a lot of use over the holidays, so it might be time to retire the old unit and replace it with a more advanced one. If you’ve never used a smart thermostat before, this is an excellent way to control your energy usage and lower your monthly cost.

Check the Status of the Air Filter

It isn’t uncommon for a furnace’s air filter to get quite a workout over the holidays. Your filter should be checked every 1-3 months, so go ahead and take a look once the festivities have ended. Then, you can change it or replace it, as needed.

Adjust the Temperature Settings

Even if you attempted to closely monitor your thermostat over the holidays, there’s a good chance that your settings might have been changed. It won’t hurt to give them a look and make any alterations that you deem necessary, especially since making adjustments can help you save energy and money.

Clean Up with Microfiber Cloths

If you host a holiday party, there’s a good chance that things aren’t exactly as tidy as you’d like them to be. Take this opportunity to grab some microfiber cloths and clean up. These cloths are better than vacuuming because they attract dust and don’t spread it around.

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