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2019 HVAC Maintenance to Perform

2019 HVAC Maintenance to PerformIt’s especially important to take time for HVAC maintenance in January since it’s the coldest month in the desert southwest. Starting the year with proper HVAC care, your furnace or heat pump will keep your home warm dependably and efficiently.

The first thing to check is the condition of the air filter.

If it’s covered with dust, change it. A dirty air filter is the primary cause of premature system failures and unnecessarily high energy bills. When dirt builds on the filter, it slows the air flowing through the air handler, which increases the amount of time the system takes to heat your home.

Inspect the outdoor condenser if you heat with a heat pump.

Be sure nothing is crowding it and that the condensing coil and fins are clean. Hose them off if they’re dirty. The coil plays a role in extracting the outdoor heat that keeps your home warm. Rake away any dead vegetation that collects near the condenser and make it a point to avoid putting anything on top of or close to the unit. This HVAC maintenance chore is a good one to practice year-round for heat pump users.

Check the condition of the register covers in each room.

If they’re overly dusty or you see streaks along the wall, it may indicate that there’s a ductwork leak leading to that room. When the HVAC system runs, test the amount of air blowing through the register. If it seems weak, you may have a ductwork leak that needs professional attention.

Schedule professional maintenance.

Nothing is important as the maintenance that HVAC professionals provide to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Without it, wear increases and energy bills increase.

Check the batteries.

Check the batteries for the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as the thermostat if yours uses them. Home fires occur more often during the winter compared to any other season.

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