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5 Tips for Saving Money in January

5 Tips for Saving Money in JanuaryAfter splurging for the holidays, the last thing most of us want to do is pay out more money than we need to. That’s why January is a perfect time to implement new measures aimed at saving money in your household. Among the changes you put in place, pay particular attention to energy efficiency.

Tips for Saving Money on Energy

1. Install an energy-efficient HVAC system. If your HVAC is older or is showing signs of failing, this could be a good time to invest in a new one. Today’s HVAC systems are much more efficient than those of even a decade ago, with numerous energy-saving features. Newer models could save you as much as 30 percent on your energy bills.

2. Improve your home’s envelope. Before you install a new HVAC system, address any air leaks that may be compromising your home’s energy efficiency by letting conditioned air out and unconditioned air in. Take a lit incense stick and wave it in front of window and door frames; baseboards; attic hatch; exterior wall openings for cables, wires and pipes; and electric plugs. Plug up air leaks with weatherstripping, caulk and insulation.

3. Don’t forget the ductwork; if you can’t access the ducts easily to inspect them for holes and disconnected segments, hire someone to do so. Repair holes and disconnected sections with metal tape, mastic and metal screws.

4. Reverse the ceiling fan blade direction. Winter or summer, your ceiling fan can make a difference in your home’s comfort level. Run blades counterclockwise in the summer to circulate cool air and lift up heat from ground level; reverse the blades to run clockwise, to push warm air down from the ceiling.

5. Set your thermostat back for energy savings. Cut back on energy by turning down the thermostat a few degrees when you’re sleeping or away from home; in the summer set the thermostat up a few degrees at these times.

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