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Keep Your Windows Clean to Boost Energy Efficiency

Keep Your Windows Clean to Boost Energy EfficiencySpring cleaning your windows can give your home’s exterior a fresh look and boost its curb appeal. Having shiny clean windows is great for aesthetics, but you also need to keep your windows well maintained if your goal is better energy efficiency and HVAC performance.

How Windows and Energy Efficiency Correlate

The U.S. Department of Energy states that energy gains and losses through a home’s windows can represent 25-30 percent of its yearly HVAC system energy use. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your windows can help curb that energy waste. When you increase your windows’ efficiency, you’ll also reduce your HVAC’s workload, which results in better performance and a longer equipment lifespan.

Tips for Improving Your Window Efficiency

In addition to your usual window spring cleaning routine, consider taking one or more of these efficiency-boosting measures:

  • Before you shine and polish the panes, check each window to find any spots where caulking is cracked or missing, and areas with damaged weatherstripping where air leaks can occur. Clear away the damaged materials, then install new caulk and weatherstripping.
  • If your windows are in poor shape or leaking badly, look into replacing them with new energy-efficient models. A cost-saving alternative is installing acrylic or plexiglass inserts instead. These inserts fit snugly on the interior to stop any air leakage.
  • If you have double-hung or casement windows, give the moving parts and tracks extra attention when you’re cleaning. Thoroughly cleaning out any build-up debris will allow the windows to close tightly so they don’t leak.
  • Refresh your decor by installing insulated shades or curtains so you can shut them on sunny days and keep heat gain to a minimum.
  • Increase shading on the outside of the windows with exterior awnings or by adding some well-placed trees to your landscaping.
  • Make sure window cleaning is on your fall home cleaning to-do list, because shiny clean panes will let in more solar heat to help warm the interior when the weather gets chilly.

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