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Prioritize Energy Efficiency for Earth Day

Prioritize Energy Efficiency for Earth DayBy the time Earth Day rolls around, air conditioners in Yuma are running all over the city. Why not celebrate the day by putting your A/C on the calendar? Tending to the largest appliance and most energy-hungry in your home is a good way to take note of the day. By taking care of its maintenance before the nonstop heat arrives, you’ll use less electricity, which will help your pocketbook and the planet equally. 

Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day

Air conditioners use a good deal of energy and the amount increases as they age unless they get the attention they need, which includes:

  • Regular air filter changes. Nothing increases energy costs and unnecessary repairs faster than a dirty filter. During the summer, check yours monthly and replace it when it’s dirty.
  • Clear away any obstructions from the outdoor condenser. It needs at least two feet of space around it so that it has a free flow of air going through it. The hot refrigerant from your home needs ample air blowing over it to lose its heat. Clean coils also promote rapid cooling. If you see dust on yours, hose it off gently.
  • Look over the register covers. Clean them if they are dusty. Excessive amounts of dust usually indicate a ductwork leak that will drain your energy dollars.

Scheduling Maintenance

Earth Day is a good time to call Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric to schedule an appointment for a tune-up and a ductwork check. Without the deep cleaning and adjustment of all the parts, your system won’t run as efficiently or dependably.

When the technician goes through your system, ask about its condition. If it’s older than 10 years, it is probably reaching the end of its lifetime. The HVAC pro can show you how much energy and money you could save by replacing the aging system with a new, more energy efficient HVAC system.

Since cutting back on energy use benefits the planet, look for ways to save it on Earth Day. The experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company can help you by tuning up your cooling system. We provide HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.