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Ways in Which Rainfall Affects Indoor Air Quality

Ways in Which Rainfall Affects Indoor Air QualityEventually, outdoor air works its way inside and after a spring rain, that’s a good thing for indoor air quality in the desert. It adds a little bit of humidity that your home probably needs. The deserts have two rainy seasons. The monsoon starts in late June and ends in late September. The winter rainy season starts in November and runs through March. 

We’re lucky when a rare spring storm comes through and drops rain. Besides adding much-needed humidity, it also:

Reduces Allergens

Knocks down the dust and pollen outdoors, which is plentiful in the springtime. It’s a popular myth that it’s the showy flowers and citrus trees contribute to the offending pollen. Instead, it’s the inconspicuous flowers from olive and other trees, shrubs and grasses that cause most of the problems.

When the particulate load outdoors is lower, it will drop indoors, improving your indoor air quality. You’ll be bringing in fewer particles on your clothes, shoes and hair and the air that comes inside from open windows and doors will also dilute the load.

Increases Indoor Humidity

As the weather dries out in the spring, so does your home. Add to it the fact that the air conditioner will soon be running frequently, and you have the recipe for dry skin and static electricity until the monsoon starts in late June.

Although dry indoors helps you feel cooler, it’s hard on anything made from wood. You may see or hear cracks in cabinets, floors, or any else made from wood. Ideally, the air should have a humidity level around 30 to 40 percent to be comfortable in the summer. Any higher, and you’ll start to feel too warm. Any lower, and you’ll suffer from respiratory irritations, skin problems and static electricity.

It’s a good idea to invest a few dollars in a humidistat for your home. It measures the humidity in the air, which is important to monitor. Too much and you could have comfort, mold, or dust mite problems.

Moisture and the lack of it affect indoor air quality. For more information, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric, providing air quality and HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.