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Before You Buy: Our New HVAC Checklist

Before You Buy: Our New HVAC Checklist

So your old workhorse of an HVAC system is about to head for the last roundup, and you’re contemplating what to do to replace it. Will you go with something similar, or break out and sample some of the latest and greatest technology out there? Rejoice–you have many choices. Choose wisely from among the many HVAC types.

1. Forced Air System

You can replace your old forced air furnace/air conditioner with another;  and why not? You’ve already got ductwork in place, and today’s models are loaded with a host of sophisticated smart features that make them quieter and more efficient. Your new system can have sensors that tell the technician what’s wrong; a variable speed blower motor that moves air as needed; a modulating condenser that adjusts output as needed; and a Wi-fi thermostat so you can control the temperature from near or far.

2. Heat Pump

Heat pumps work well in our milder climate. Heat pumps can be quieter and much more efficient than a forced air system; plus, they run cleaner, without burning fossil fuels. Efficient features for heat pumps include scrolling compressors, variable- or dual-speed air handler motors and backup burner for times when outside air is too cool for the heat pump to do an efficient job heating. 

3. Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini splits are highly recommended for our region, where temperatures are seldom frigid. A type of heat pump, they deliver conditioned air from air handlers, located strategically throughout the home. They are quiet, clean and efficient, and are ideal for a home that does not have ductwork. 

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