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How HVAC Condenser Fan Motor Care Extends the Life of Your Unit

How HVAC Condenser Fan Motor Care Extends the Life of Your Unit

Do you know what the condenser of your HVAC system does? Located in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, the condenser is found with the compressor, a fan motor and condenser coils. The condenser is part of the heat exchange equipment that cools down and condenses hot refrigerant vapor into liquid after it travels from the house. Not properly caring for this unit can result in compressor failure, expensive repairs and even need for replacement. 

Here’s some advice about your HVAC condenser fan motor. 

How the Condenser Works

After the refrigerant is turned into a liquid, the compressor raises the refrigerant pressure, moving it while a fan draws in outside air through the heat exchanger to cool the refrigerant down. The heat exchanger typically wraps around the unit’s sides, with the compressor located inside. The fan pulls air in through the sides and blows it out the top. The condenser/compressor unit is connected to the indoor section of the air conditioner by tubes, through which the refrigerant passes, into and from the house. 

Caring for the Condenser

The best thing you can do for the outside unit is not to block airflow. Keep all leaves, grass, weeds, rocks, shrubbery, tree limbs, dirt, garden furniture and tools away from the sides of the condenser so that it can take in air to cool off refrigerant. Obstructing airflow will keep the unit from working properly. Some other tips:

  • If the fins along the sides of the condenser are bent, straighten them carefully with a fin comb.
  • If the condenser fins or openings in the housing are dirty, you can clean them with a soft brush and hose. Do not use a power washer.
  • Check lines to and from the unit for refrigerant leaks. If you see any leaks, do not try to deal with them. Call your HVAC technician at once. Coils may also develop leaks. Have your HVAC tech always check and clean the condenser coils. 

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