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How to Check Your HVAC Airflow

How to Check Your HVAC Airflow

Proper airflow through your HVAC system is critical for your comfort. Having the right amount of air flowing through your supply and return ductwork also directly affects the equipment’s energy consumption, the expected lifespan of your HVAC components, and even your home’s air quality.

Problems with your HVAC airflow can show up in various ways, like:

  • Uneven temperatures in different rooms
  • Low airflow at the registers
  • Poor temperature control throughout the house
  • Air quality problems caused by pressure imbalances

Underlying Reasons for Airflow Problems

If your HVAC is working properly, it should push out a set amount of air through the ductwork, and draw in the same volume back in via the return ducts to be reconditioned. This flow of air can get out of sync because of:

  • Closed or blocked air vents or return registers that prevent air from flowing freely through the system. Bedroom doors that are not properly undercut when closed, prevent flow air flow back to the return.
  • A badly clogged filter, which restricts airflow over the cooling coil.
  • Leaky ductwork that lets conditioned air escape.
  • A flawed duct design, which prevents consistent cooling.

  • Dirt on the coils, which inhibits heat transfer and hinders conditioned air output.
  • A low fan speed, which promotes icing of the cool and causes a decline in cooling capabilities.
  • Too much equipment capacity, resulting in short cycling and poor temperature control.
  • Obstructed airflow at the condenser unit, which undermines the heat transfer process and makes it more difficult and expensive to cool your home.

Best Way to Check Your HVAC Airflow

Measuring airflow through an HVAC system takes skill and experience. It requires calculations for flow rates, volume of delivered air, and air velocity, along with determining the quantity of airflow at the coil. The figures obtained have to then be compared with specifications from the equipment manufacturer to find any inconsistencies.

An experienced HVAC professional has the knowledge and specialized equipment it takes to accurately check your system airflow. If any problems are identified, they can also advise you on the appropriate solutions.

If you’re dealing with HVAC airflow problems in your Yuma area home and need expert help, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.