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HVAC Contract Guide

HVAC Contract Guide

Would you like to have peace of mind about preventive HVAC care, but you’re not sure about signing a maintenance contract? Knowing what to look for in an HVAC contract can help allay your concerns, so here’s a guide on what you should expect to see included in a maintenance agreement:

Exactly What’s Covered for What Period

A well-written HVAC contract should specify the HVAC equipment that’s covered, and the coverage ending date.

Number of Included Maintenance Visits

How many maintenance visits you’ll receive should be clearly stated – two visits annually are standard.

Tasks Performed During Maintenance

The HVAC contract should list all the tasks to be completed when maintenance is performed. This makes it easier to judge whether your system will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and tuned up.

Included Cost Savings

A good contract will clearly state what savings you’ll get – such as parts and labor for preventive maintenance visits, or if you’ll receive other savings, such as a discount on specific repairs.

Contract Exclusions

In addition to explaining what’s included, the contract should also list any exclusions – like emergency/after hours service fees, additional charges for travel time, or extra fees for priority service.

How Charges are Calculated

You should see an explanation of how charges are calculated – is there an set fee for service calls, or a straight hourly labor rate?

How Repairs Are Handled

Does the company complete minor repairs up to a certain figure during routine maintenance, so you save the cost of an additional service fee? Or do they give you an estimate that requires approval for all needed repairs?

Scheduling Details

The contract should tell you whether the company reminds you when maintenance is due, or if it’s your responsibility to call and schedule an appointment.

Renewal Options

Does your contract renew automatically, or will it lapse and leave you without coverage as of the expiration date?

Payment Terms

Your payment options should be shown, as well as any potential discounts or flexible terms.

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