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Simple New Home HVAC Checklist

Simple New Home HVAC Checklist

Your HVAC system is likely the most expensive equipment in your new home. Proper operation and maintenance of the HVAC are key to ensuring minimal repairs and breakdowns. Oddly, many people do not know how their HVAC system works. Nor do they understand that there are basic things they can do to make sure the system operates properly. Here’s your new home HVAC checklist. Follow it scrupulously and save money.

New Home HVAC Checklist

1. Determine which type of system you have. Find out if you have a forced air furnace and air conditioner, a heat pump or other type of HVAC system. The type of maintenance you will need will depend on the type of system you have. For instance, if you have a ductless mini split, when you have efficiency issues, it won’t concern leaking or disconnected segments of ducts. Find out the age of the system, so that you can assess whether you’re likely to need repairs or replacement. Most systems last 10 to 15 years. Ask for any inspection reports from the previous owner.

2. Change the air filter regularly. Keeping a clean air filter in the system will ensure good airflow and efficient cooling and heating. Your system will last longer and it will cost less to operate.

3. Keep the area around the condenser/compressor free of debris, weeds, leaves, shrubbery and garden furniture. Any of these things next to the compressor can prevent the condenser/compressor from properly exhausting warm air so that the HVAC system does not cool or heat as it should.

4. Don’t close vents. The uninitiated often think that they can save money by closing vents, when in reality, this makes the system run out of balance, so that it has to work harder to cool or heat. This in turn will cost you more money for utilities.

5. Schedule regular maintenance. Have an HVAC technician check out your system twice a year — in the spring and fall. 

To learn more about your new home HVAC system, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma and schedule a maintenance visit.