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How to Prep Your Home for Summer Storms

How to Prep Your Home for Summer Storms

If only we could have spring and summer rains without the turbulent weather that usually accompanies them. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. These summer storms take their toll on our homes in terms of electrical outages, extreme downpours and flooding, and hail and wind damage to the roof. That’s why you need to indulge in a little summer storm prep.

Read on for some things you can do to mitigate damage to your home.

Clean gutters and downspouts.

Gutters and downspouts direct water off your roof, thereby preventing roof damage as well as damage to flower beds around your home. Keep them clean and in good repair so that the water can flow as it needs to. Check the shingles while you’re up on the ladder, to make sure there are no missing ones where water can get in.

Trim trees back.

Trim back limbs that are hanging over the roof so that if they fall, they don’t damage the roof. Also, trim tree limbs growing over the HVAC condenser.

Invest in surge protection.

Electrical storms can do thousands of dollars of damage by creating power surges that will fry your appliances. The best way to protect them is by investing in a surge protector, to be installed in your electrical panel. A power strip is not a surge protector, and will not save your appliances in a storm. Surge protection will also help protect your HVAC system. If you don’t have a surge protector, turn your HVAC system and other expensive appliances off during the storm.

Clean up around the condenser.

When storms with high winds threaten, you don’t want loose garden furniture, tools, planters and other outdoor equipment flying around and damaging your home or your HVAC condenser. Store these things before the storm hits; while you’re at it, clean up leaves, grass, weeds and shrubs near the condenser, leaving at least a 2-foot space around the unit to maintain good airflow.

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