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Your HVAC Ductwork Basics

Your HVAC Ductwork Basics

Optimum comfort in your home depends on certain HVAC ductwork basics. Without a fully functional duct system, cooling and heating goes nowhere. For consistent temperature control, ducts distribute comfort to all living spaces in the home. In a typical single family home, the ducts convey over 1,000 cubic feet per minute of cooled or heated air. Whenever indoor comfort issues arise or system energy efficiency declines, the status of the ductwork is among the first items a qualified HVAC professional will check.

Here are some of the HVAC ductwork basics that keep the household comfortable in all seasons.

Where Is The Ductwork?

Most household ductwork is installed out of sight. Long spans of main ductwork are typically routed through the attic or through the crawl space under the house. Branch ducts leading to individual rooms may be concealed inside walls.

Two Types of Ducts

The design of ductwork in your home actually integrates two individual systems:

  • Supply ductwork is under positive pressure from the system blower and conveys cooled or heated air from the air handler into the rooms throughout the house. Every room has a supply vent typically located on the upper portion of a wall where conditioned air enters the room.
  • Return ductwork is under slightly negative pressure. It pulls air back to the air conditioner or furnace in the central air handler. Some houses have a return duct vent in every room. Others have one central return vent, typically located in a centralized location such as a hallway.

Potential Ductwork Issues

After a period of years, leakage in ductwork is common. Loss of conditioned air into the attic, crawl space or inside wall voids raises cooling/heating costs. Meanwhile, indoor comfort control and temperature consistency declines. A duct pressure test by a qualified HVAC contractor can determine the extent of leakage and pinpoint the location of leaks. Your contractor can offer options to seal the ductwork and restore full system performance and efficiency.

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