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Getting Used to Optimal Temperatures for Energy Savings

energy savingsIn these times when we’re all trying to save money on utilities, it makes sense to go by the federal government’s recommended optimal thermostat temperature in your home, and adjust your thermostat programming so that you can maintain moderate comfort and still reduce your energy use significantly.

Here are some tips for boosting your energy savings by adjusting the thermostat.

Optimal Temperature

It’s hard to please everyone in your home when it comes to temperature. For some, the recommended thermostat setting of 78 degrees in summer may be a bit too warm, or not warm enough. If this is the setting you determine is best for saving energy in your home, you might urge those who find it too chilly to put on more layers, while those who find it too warm might make use of ceiling or portable fans. (Reverse ceiling fan direction to counterclockwise so that the warm air is lifted to the ceiling while the cooler air is pushed down.)

Further savings can be realized by cutting back on energy use by as much as 7 degrees during he day while everyone is gone. At 85 degrees, there may be some discomfort for pets or it may be too warm for electronics or plants, so bear that in mind. Despite some drawbacks, you may find these cutbacks well worth it, as you may save as much as 10 percent a year on your energy bill by adopting them.

Other Energy Saving Measures

Pay attention to other energy-savers in your home, which can help your air conditioner do a better job of cooling.

    1. Change the filter regularly. A dirty air filter makes the A/C struggle, and it can’t cool as efficiently.
    2. Fix leaks in ceilings or plumbing. Added humidity can make you feel more uncomfortable at 78 degrees.
    3. Look for air leaks around the home, and fix them with weatherstripping, insulation and caulk.
    4. Close shades, drapes and blinds to block solar radiation.
    5. Schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC system.

Want additional tips for greater energy savings? Contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma.