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IAQ Best Practices for Painting Indoors

IAQ concernsPainting the interior of your home? As you’re probably aware, paint is a potent substance that can damage the health of living creatures. All paints give off particles known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but not all paints are created equal when it comes to how they affect your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Learn which paints are safest to use and the safest ways to use them so you minimize IAQ concerns.

Which Paint to Use?

Always check to see that the paints you buy are for indoor use; never use exterior paints indoors.

The two categories of paints for interior use are oil-based and water-based. Water-based paints are also known as “latex” paints, while oil-based paints are “alkyd” paints. Water-based paints generally emit fewer chemicals so are considered safer.

Always read the labels of the paints. This information can help you know how to minimize your exposure to harmful substances in the paints.

Of course, reactions to toxins in paints will vary from person to person, depending on age, health and length of exposure.

Keep It Safe

It’s best to use interior paints when the weather is mild and you can keep windows open. You probably do not want to paint indoors when the house is closed up and you have the HVAC system on.

And do remember that long after paint dries, it’s still giving off VOCs, so keep those windows open.

You can also put a fan in the window, facing it away from the home’s interior, to draw the stale air out.

You might use the kitchen or bathroom exhaust ventilation system to get rid of paint fumes, but be sure that yours actually vents to the outdoors. Many are installed to just remove stale air and send it up to the attic or into the ceiling joists.

An air purifier that can handle removing particles from the air, as well as absorbing VOCs by activated carbon filtration might be a handy appliance for those who have above-average IAQ concerns.

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