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Heat Pump Guide: 3 Different Types of Heat

heat pump heatHeat pumps offer an alternative to furnaces for heating homes in the Yuma area. These heating systems provide a few different types of heat that can keep your home warm, even on the coldest winter nights. Find out more about these different types of heat pump heat.

Pumped Heat

Pumped heat refers to the heated air you get inside your home from your heat pump. This heating system pulls heat from the air outside your home, then transfers it to the interior of your house. This happens when your heat pump comes on during winter or any other time when it’s cold outside. The pumped heat from a heat pump is similar to the forced air that comes out of your vents if you have a furnace.

Supplementary Heat

When temperatures outside drop too low for regular heat pump heat, your heating system uses supplementary heat instead. This type of heat usually comes from electrical sources, such as electrical strips. These strips begin working to keep your home heated if your heat pump is unable to produce pumped heat from the air outside. You don’t really need to switch to a different setting for supplementary heat. This backup heat source should kick in on its own if it’s too cold for your heat pump to produce pumped heat.

Emergency Heat

Heat pump heat also includes emergency heat. This type of heat occurs when the compressor in your heat pump isn’t producing pumped heat. When you turn your heat pump to this setting, it will only run on supplementary heat. Keep in mind that this isn’t a recommended setting on a regular basis, since it can cause your heating bills to significantly increase. You should only use the emergency heat on your heat pump if the compressor isn’t working. You’ll also need to have your heat pump inspected and repaired if this happens.

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