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5 Tips to Winter Proof Your Home

The winter season has arrived once again, and with it is the need for every homeowner to make sure their heating equipment is ready to go. We’d like to help you out, so we’ve compiled a quick list of winter preparation tips.

Call a Professional

At the beginning of the winter season, it’s always a good idea to schedule a maintenance check of your heating equipment. A qualified technician will be able to give the system a tune-up that will ensure its efficiency and even prolong its operational lifespan.

Check the Air Filter

It doesn’t take long for your heating equipment’s air filter to get clogged up by dirt and debris, which will negatively affect how the system operates. Check the filter at the start of the season and every month after that, and switch it out as needed.

Upgrade the Thermostat

Thermostat technology has come a long way in recent years, so if you’re still using a manual model or one that isn’t “smart,” then it may be time for an upgrade. Depending on what type you choose, you will have options such as receiving energy usage reports, being connected to weather alerts, having remote access, and more.

Search for Air Leaks

Every home has cracks and gaps in certain areas that cause air to leak through, thereby negatively affecting your heating equipment’s ability to operate efficiently. The two most common areas are around the edges of your doors and windows, but you should also check your attic, air ducts, and basically anywhere that you feel a draft.

Check Vents for Obstructions

Your heating system relies on warm air being distributed throughout your home via vents. If these vents are blocked by some type of object or have become clogged with debris, then warm air won’t be able to effectively be distributed throughout your home. Clear out any debris within the vents and remove any obstructions, and you’ll be golden.

For more expert advice about winter preparation or any home comfort concerns, the professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company can help. Our technicians have been serving the needs of Yuma and the surrounding areas since 1952.