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HVAC Diffusers: Pros & Cons

HVAC diffusers: what about them? First of all, let’s clear the air — there’s some confusion about a bona fide part of an HVAC called a diffuser and the kind of diffusers that are used to dispense scents in the home, which affect your indoor air quality.

HVAC Diffusers

When referring to the diffuser that is a component of an HVAC system, we mean the part that spreads the conditioned air around a particular space to increase its impact. This is important in that the air is spread comfortably, and not just directed out of a duct into the space below. The diffuser helps with noise reduction as well

Diffusers are found in various shapes, including rectangle, square, round and linear. The most common shape is the round one, and it is most commonly found in the ceiling. It works by delivering supply air in most cases, although some diffusers may be used on the return side.

Diffusers and Your Air Quality

Now let’s talk about using diffusers in your home. There’s quite a craze for chemically enhancing the air in our homes with fragrances. Among the most popular devices to do this are diffusers.

Diffusers may be used to disperse fragrances or perfumes, but may also disperse scents from essential oils. The manufacturers of these oils make claims for many benefits, including purifying the air, reducing mold and other harmful microorganisms, helping people relax and disinfecting and deodorizing in a more healthful way.

While the claims of these manufacturers should be researched carefully, you are probably better off using oils derived from natural, organic sources, rather than artificially-scented oils composed of synthetic chemicals. These are laden with chemicals that can be harmful to your breathing, trigger allergies and aggravate asthma.

Aim to use only 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils, without fake fragrances. Steam distillation is the preferred method of production, rather than chemical or alcohol distillation.

Also, always keep your distiller clean to avoid bacteria.

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