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Keep Your Home Toasty This Winter: Tips for Heat Loss Prevention

Everyone wants to stay toasty inside their home, but unfortunately, many households experience heat loss for a variety have reasons. We don’t want your home to be freezing or for your heating equipment to work overtime just to keep you warm, so we put together a few simple tips to help you prevent home heat loss.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

If you leave doors and windows open throughout the day, especially those that lead outside, then you’re obviously contributing to a large amount of heat loss. Keep these closed as much as possible, and make sure that your children see it as a household rule.

Seal Ductwork Leaks

Since your ductwork is what allows for the distribution of conditioned air throughout your home, any tears or holes can cause heat to be released, which means your system will run longer than it should and waste energy. Either fix these problem areas yourself or hire a professional to do the job for you.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

While it would seem that windows help maintain the temperature of your home by holding heat inside, they actually do contribute to a certain amount of heat loss. The way to fix this is to install energy-efficient types that are better designed to help maintain your home’s temperature.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

Air leaks are a common problem in every household, and the two most notorious areas are the edges of your doors and windows. You should check these spots periodically and then seal them with caulking, spray foam, or weatherstripping as needed.

Check for Air Leaks in the Attic

Your home’s attic can lead to a good amount of heat loss if there are any holes, cracks, or gaps leading outside. Luckily, you can seal these holes just like you would those around the edges of your doors and windows.

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