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Your Fall Maintenance in a Simple 5-Step List

Fall gives you the perfect opportunity to do outdoor and indoor maintenance tasks due to the cooler temperatures. What’s more, conducting fall maintenance helps your property recover from the effects of the blisteringly hot Yuma summer and get ready for the colder months ahead. Make sure you follow the maintenance tips below.

Seal Leaks

Cracks, gaps, and holes will allow cold outdoor air to enter your home and compromise your comfort during our short heating season. Apply weatherstripping to door and window frames and install door sweeps to seal the bottom of drafty doors.

Rake Leaves

While fallen leaves can form a beautiful tapestry on your yard, they can impair the airflow through your outdoor HVAC unit. Inadequate airflow can cause inefficient HVAC performance and equipment breakdown. Keep leaves and other debris away from the outside component of your HVAC system.

Check and Change Air Filters

Dirty filters degrade your home’s air quality and make your heating and cooling system run less efficiently. At the least, replace your filter in the spring (before the arrival of the summer) and during the fall (before winter arrives). It’s best to check your filter every month and change it if it’s clogged or dirty.

Clean Registers

Registers that are dirty or obstructed by items like heavy furniture can introduce allergens to your HVAC system and home continually and cause temperature variations between your rooms. Wipe them down often to get rid of dust and debris, and make sure they’re clear of any obstructions.

Schedule a Heating System Tuneup

If you want your furnace to operate safely and efficiently all winter, it’s essential to have it cleaned and maintained by a professional. A clean and well-maintained furnace works properly, reduces your energy bills, and extends equipment life.

Put these tasks in your fall maintenance checklist to keep your home more comfortable and save money for the rest of the year. If you need assistance with HVAC repairs or maintenance, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve satisfied the indoor comfort needs of homeowners in the Yuma area for more than 60 years.