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Winter Electrical Safety

With our mild winters, power outages are not generally a concern. Occasionally, even in Yuma, however, we do have our cold-weather issues. That’s why it’s always a good idea to review winter electrical safety.

Space Heaters

In our climate, winter is so mild we sometimes don’t even need the furnace turned on. That can mean we tend to just turn on a space heater to take off the chill. But space heaters are notorious for starting electrical fires, so whenever you turn one on, do not leave it unattended and do follow all safety precautions. Never operate one with a frayed wire; do not operate a space heater too close to flammable items, such as furniture, papers, or wood; and do not plug any other appliances into the same outlet as the heater.

Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights are another common source of electrical fires during the winter. Beware of these conditions:

  • Christmas tree with dry leaves. These can ignite from too-hot lights.
  • Puncturing outdoor lighting wires with nails or screws. Use light clips instead.
  • Plugging in more than three sets of Christmas lights into an extension cord.
  • Using unsafe lights. Choose lights with a UL (Underwriters) Laboratory Certification. These are safer than others.

HVAC Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to get HVAC maintenance during the winter season to be sure it will run right through the winter. Make sure your HVAC tech inspects the wiring, replacing frayed or damaged wires and reconnecting those that may have come loose.

Pet and Child Safety

Make sure electrical cords for lighting, space heaters, or any appliance are secured from children and pets during the holiday season. There’s always lots of activity, and you may be distracted from ensuring your puppy isn’t chewing on wires or when your toddler is playing with an electrical cord.

Know where your circuit breakers, fuses and switches, wiring, and junction boxes are. Even if you don’t work on electrical issues, it’s good to know where everything is located and its function when emergencies occur.

For more on electrical safety, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.