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Candles, Evergreens, and Twinkle Lights, Oh My! Prevent Holiday Fire Hazards This Winter.

Holiday fire hazardsHoliday fire hazards abound, it seems, with alarming reports of fatalities, injuries, and damage to property. What is it about the holidays that ignites all these fires, and how can you avoid them?

Read on for some tips about staying safe from damages, injury, and even loss of life in a holiday fire.

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Fire Hazards

  1. Open fires and space heaters. While roaring fires and space heaters to take away the chill at Christmastime are not as big an issue in our region as they are farther north, it’s possible we could have a cold front and you might even get to build a fire in the fireplace. Make sure the chimney and flue have been cleaned and that you use a screen in front of the fire. Watch for children and holiday revelers who might get too close to the fire. Don’t burn gift paper in the fireplace; it may spark and burn carpets.
  2. Candles. Candles lend a cheery glow to the holiday ambiance, but they are dangerous. Extinguish them before you leave home or go to bed. Watch for children or guests who might back into the flames. Do not place a lit candle near combustible materials — especially the Christmas tree.
  3. Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of the major sources of holiday fires, generally because they are allowed to dry out. Always choose a tree where the needles are plump and green and there’s minimal shedding. Keep plenty of water in the tree holder. Avoid contact between the tree and any frayed lights or sources of heat, such as fireplaces, space heaters or candles.
  4. Christmas lights. Do not overload light strings on one circuit. Read directions as to how many strings a power strip or outlet can handle. Don’t use indoor lights outdoors.
  5. Cooking. With more holiday cooking going on than usual, it’s not uncommon to forget things in the oven or to let pots boil over.

Check your smoke alarms before the holiday season arrives.

For more on holiday fire hazards, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma.