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The Cost Benefits of Duct Sealing for Winter

duct sealing in winterDuct sealing in winter provides benefits that go beyond simply improved circulation of warm air. If ducts in an existing home have never been sealed, odds are they’re leaking unacceptable amounts of the conditioned air circulating through your HVAC system. According to the Department of Energy, leakage of fully 30% of the air produced by the furnace and air conditioner is common in residential ductwork. Nearly one-third of the household heating or cooling never reaches the rooms it’s supposed to keep comfortable

Leaky ductwork also leaks money. Because air escaping through duct leaks doesn’t heat or cool living areas of the house, your furnace has to run longer cycles to maintain the desired thermostat setting. That, in turn, means increased gas and electricity consumption. The Department of Energy reports that leaky ducts typically add hundreds of dollars per year to a home’s heating and cooling bills.

To deal with ductwork leaks, duct sealing in winter performed by a qualified HVAC contractor involves several stages:

  • Pressure-testing ductwork can be utilized if necessary to accurately establish the exact amount of air loss and determine whether sealing procedures are required.
  • Next, a complete duct inspection determines the exact location of leaks. Since most ductwork is installed in areas of the house not easily accessed, a contractor will utilize specialized equipment to search for signs of internal deterioration and corrosion, as well as more obvious issues such as loosened joints between duct spans that allow air to escape.
  • Once the extent and location of leakage has been determined, duct sealing in winter entails procedures to resolve common issues like loose joints. Problematic joints are coated with mastic sealant and wrapped with insulating tape. The connection is then permanently secured with sheet metal screws.
  • Where pinhole leaks exist due to corrosion or other issues, aerosol sealant may be injected to coat internal ductwork surfaces and stop air leakage. If deterioration is severe, affected segments may be cut out and replaced with new ducts.

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