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How Do I Make Sure My HVAC Unit Stays in Good Working Condition?

Like your vehicles, your home’s heating and cooling system thrives on preventative maintenance. It runs better, longer, and more efficiently when it’s routinely serviced by you and a professional. While the pro tackles the technical aspects of the job, your contribution is just as important.

These tasks are essential for keeping your home and HVAC system healthy:

    • Prioritize the air filter. Nothing affects the performance of your HVAC system more than the air filter. Keeping it clean during the heating and cooling seasons reduces your energy costs, lowers wear and tear on the system, and improves indoor air quality. When your system is running frequently, check it monthly.
    • Some people keep a supply of filters on hand to make changing the filter a fast and easy task. When buying the filter, be sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and that the filter is the appropriate size for your equipment.
    • Keep the outdoor condenser clean. Many of the homes in southwestern Arizona use heat pumps, and it’s just as important for the condenser to be clean in the winter as it is in the summer.
    • Keep the coils clean by hosing them off periodically, and don’t block the free flow of air. Keep vegetation and fencing at least two feet away from each side, and don’t place anything on top of or beside the condenser.
    • It’s easy to forget the ductwork and registers, but they should be included in preventative HVAC maintenance. A dust-covered register slows the air flowing through it, as will dusty ductwork. Both contribute to poor indoor air quality. Although it takes a licensed HVAC pro to thoroughly clean the ducts, you may be able to reach the areas close to the registers.
    • Dust off the thermostat periodically and check the battery if yours isn’t hard-wired. It should last about a year.

Preventative HVAC maintenance will keep your system running as efficiently and as dependably as possible. To learn more, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing trusted HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.