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How to Have an Educated Conversation with Your HVAC Technician

You probably don’t know how to repair or maintain your HVAC equipment so that it stays in good working order. You can learn about a few basic functions and the terms used to describe them so that when you call for maintenance or repairs, you know what you’re talking about and can communicate effectively with your service technician.

Here are a few basic functions and terms to know when you’re talking about your HVAC checkup checklist.

HVAC Terms to Know

Blower Motor. This component, located indoors, blows conditioned air through your home’s vents. Blower motors may be single speed or variable speed, and they are necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Burner. The burner is the part of the furnace where air mixes with gas and burns, producing heat. The heat is then distributed through ductwork. During a checkup, you want to make sure the burner is clean and that the flame is a consistent blue instead of orange.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils. There are two sets of coils, both critical for cooling. The outdoor condenser coils and indoor evaporator coils should be checked to ensure they are clean, so that the air conditioner cools properly.

Condensate Drain. Moisture is drawn into your HVAC along with return air. The moisture condenses on the evaporator coils and is exhausted from the home in the condensate drain. The drain must be checked periodically to make sure it is obstruction-free, or flooding can result, as can uncomfortably humid conditions.

Heat Exchanger. A set of tubes looped through the airflow inside the furnace, this component heats the air. Minute cracks can occur in the heat exchanger that release carbon monoxide, so this component should be regularly checked.

Refrigerant. Refrigerant is the substance that runs through lines from the outdoor condenser to the indoor evaporator coils, absorbing heat in the home and expending it outdoors to cool the home. Refrigerant leaks must be repaired to help your home cool properly.

To add more terms to your HVAC checkup checklist, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma.