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Learn How to Handle These 5 Most Common HVAC Challenges

Your HVAC system is designed to be a hard-working machine and to last for many years. That doesn’t mean it won’t need an occasional repair, and it definitely needs maintenance — ideally, in fall and spring so that HVAC techs can inspect both heating and cooling equipment.

So what are some common HVAC issues? Here’s a look at the five we hear about most often.

Common HVAC Issues

1. Thermostat. There are four basic types of HVAC thermostats: analog, digital, programmable, and smart or Wi-Fi. No matter which type you have installed, they can malfunction. Some thermostats run on batteries, which need to be changed, while others are wired in. The wiring may come loose or need to be changed. Thermostats also wear out and need to be upgraded or replaced.

2. Air Filter. The air filter is tucked away out of sight, but it performs one of the most crucial jobs, keeping the inner workings of the HVAC system free of dust and other pollutants.  If it isn’t changed, a dirty air filter will slow down the airflow and cause a number of problems, from insufficient cooling and heating to too much moisture in the home.

3. The Condensate Drain Overflows. Humidity in the home is removed through the HVAC condensate drain. Over time, this drain can stop up and the condensation will overflow, possibly even flooding the home. The drain should always be inspected during maintenance, with some bleach added to get rid of the growth of algae and other organisms that may cause an obstruction.

4. The Blower Runs Continuously. The most common reason for this malfunction is that the homeowner has accidentally switched on the HVAC fan, but a close second is when the relay switch on the blower has malfunctioned.

5. Pilot or Burner Ignition Problems. Common causes for ignition problems include a dirty pilot, burners, or flame sensor; or a gas-supply issue. Sometimes the thermocouple or igniter needs replacement.

Whatever the reason for your common HVAC issues, Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company can help. We serve Yuma and the surrounding area with quality maintenance, repairs, and installations.