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Maintain Your Home From the Ground Up to Keep Everyone Comfortable

When thinking about making your home more energy-efficient, nine times out of 10, you only consider things that are inside your home — like ensuring your HVAC system is running correctly or investing in more efficient models of appliances. What you may not know is that your home’s foundation also has a huge impact on home comfort and HVAC efficiency.

Here’s more on how this major building structure brings about heating and cooling problems.

Sloping Floor

Several factors could cause your floor to slope. However, the main reason is that a home’s foundation is crumbling or cracking. An unleveled floor can cause gaps to occur between door jambs and the floor. It can also cause cracks around your windows and doors. These openings allow your home’s air to escape while letting in outside air.

Tilting Walls

Serious foundation problems can make your walls tilt. The tilting could cause your air ducts to separate from each other and unbalance your heating and cooling system. When that happens, you’re going to notice a severe decline in your system’s performance. Your home will feel uncomfortable due to temperature issues.

Lack of Adequate Insulation

Your home will retain more of its heated or cooled air if its foundation and foundation walls are insulated. As a result, your HVAC system’s efficiency will increase. On the contrary, walls and foundations that lack insulation encourage fast heat loss in the winter and loss of cool indoor air in the summer. Consequently, your HVAC system is forced to use more energy to maintain temperatures at acceptable levels.

Newer homes usually have insulated foundations. Older homes typically have deteriorating or no foundation insulation. It’s no wonder that old houses tend to have higher heating and cooling bills than new ones. You can retrofit foundation insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your older house.

Foundation issues deform your home and reduce HVAC efficiency. Make sure you check your foundation for signs of damage and take the necessary steps to have them fixed so you avoid wasting money on high utility bills. If you need any HVAC services or products that will improve your comfort and lower your energy costs in the Yuma area, contact the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.