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What New HVAC Products Will Make Your Heating and Cooling Unit Run Even More Efficiently?

Energy efficiency is a high priority for most Yuma-area homeowners. While having an efficient heating and cooling system goes a long way toward conserving energy, there are HVAC add-ons that can increase your energy savings — and your energy efficiency.

Smart Thermostat Technology

For most homeowners, there’s a struggle between keeping energy bills low and maintaining a reasonable comfort level. One solution is to adjust your heat or AC so that it doesn’t work as hard when you’re asleep or when you’re at work or school. The major downside to this solution is human error – it’s easy to forget to change the temperature.

Smart thermostats solve this problem in a variety of ways. Some let you set specific times to adjust the temperature settings. Others use a technology called geo-fencing, which uses your smartphone to recognize when you’re returning home and to change your temperature so it will be at your desired level when you arrive. Many smart thermostats can be adjusted with just a few words spoken to a digital assistant or a few taps on a phone app, even if you’re away from home.

Wi-Fi Fan Controls

Another entry on the list of “hands-free” HVAC add-ons is a Wi-Fi control for your ceiling fan. These can often be added to standard fans. They allow you to control your fan from anywhere in the house, giving you the power to shut off fans when a room isn’t being used.

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