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What to Know About the 2020 NEC Changes

Are you planning on doing any work on your home in the new year? If so, then you need to be aware that the National Electrical Code has been updated for 2020, with new standards and requirements to be met. Some of those changes may impact you and your plans. Here’s a breakdown of the 2020 NEC changes and what they mean for you.

Service Equipment

If you’re planning on buying any new appliances, then be aware that any new service equipment, such as HVAC, refrigeration, etc., must now include surge protection. Either a Type 1 or Type 2 surge protection device (SPD) must be installed on the appliance. It’s estimated that the average home has over $15,000 worth of equipment that’s vulnerable to power surges. These surges come unexpectedly and can not only permanently damage your appliances but also cause fires. This increased surge protection is designed to keep you, your home, and your appliances safe.

GFCI Protection

All appliances using between 125 and 250 volts are now required to have GFCI protection. A ground-fault circuit interrupter is a type of circuit breaker that looks for imbalances in the flow of current, between what’s flowing in and what’s flowing out, and cuts the power when they’re detected. These imbalances can cause appliances to overheat, which can lead to fires.

Most commercial washers and dryers are affected by the new regulation. If your current washer or dryer doesn’t have GFCI protection, you might consider upgrading.

Emergency Disconnects

If you’re planning on renovating your home or building a new home, it will need to have an outdoor emergency disconnect. In case of, say, a fire in your home, an electrical issue would make it dangerous for firefighters and other first responders to enter. An emergency disconnect is a panel on the outside of your house that allows them to cut the power first, to make sure it’s safe to go inside.

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