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Have You Ever Considered Thermostat Geofencing for Your Home?

Wouldn’t it be great if your thermostat could accurately tell when you’re approaching your home and when you’re far away and adjust itself accordingly? That’s what you stand to enjoy with thermostat geofencing. Read on to learn more about this feature.

How Does Geofencing Work?

The geofencing feature automatically controls your thermostat based on your location. You can set a virtual boundary around your home. Whenever you’re outside the border, your thermostat lowers or raises the temperature by a few degrees, depending on the mode you’ve set, to help you save money.

When you’re back within the boundary, the thermostat considers you to be home. As a result, it sets itself back to the preferred temperature that you had chosen before you left. The thermostat figures out whether you’re home or away using your phone’s location.

What Are the Benefits?

Geofencing takes the stress out of adjusting your thermostat. It will figure out when you’re away and when you’re back automatically, so you won’t have to develop a set schedule. What’s more, it reduces your energy usage by allowing you to use your HVAC system more efficiently when you’re away.

What Are the Requirements?

Now that you understand what thermostat geofencing is and how it can benefit you, it’s essential to know what you need to access the feature. Here are the basic requirements:

  • Your Wi-Fi and general location services should always be on.
  • If you’re using an iOS device, turn on “background app refresh.”
  • If using an Android device, set the location services to “high accuracy.”
  • Always keep the airplane mode turned off.

Most smart thermostats offer geofencing. If you love the convenience and energy savings that the feature affords you, you’ll need to upgrade to a smart thermostat. If you have any questions about thermostat geofencing, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We offer a full range of high-efficiency HVAC products to customers in the Yuma area.