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Is Your HVAC System Heating Your Whole House Equally?

Without effective heat distribution, not everyone in your home shares equally in the warmth your furnace generates. After it leaves the furnace, warm air passes through a network of ducts and then through supply vents into rooms and living spaces. Balanced air volume means each room receives the proper volume of warm air to maintain the desired temperature, no matter where it’s located in the house. Unfortunately, a number of factors can intervene to disrupt that balance and interfere with effective heat distribution.  Here are the usual suspects:

A clogged air filter.

A dirty HVAC air filter restricts system airflow which, in turn, impairs effective heat distribution. When airflow drops below specifications, rooms located closest to the furnace air handler may still receive an adequate volume of warm air, but rooms farther away probably won’t. The air filter should be replaced at least every other month all winter long and every month during the summer.

Vents closed or obstructed.

Closing HVAC air vents not only stops heat from entering the room, it can also disrupt the balance of air flowing throughout the entire house. For best results, all vents should be open at all times. Check the supply and return vents in each room. Verify that each vent is fully open and not obstructed by furniture, draperies or other objects. In some homes, a central return vent is installed in a common area such as a hallway.

Duct leakage.

HVAC ducts in homes that are more than 10 years old frequently leak a significant amount of air into unconditioned zones such as the attic or crawl space. In winter, this deprives some rooms of circulating heat and can also impact indoor air quality as particulates may be drawn into ductwork through openings that leak air. A qualified professional HVAC contractor can inspect ductwork and estimate the extent of leakage, then offer options to seal the ducts and restore full airflow.

To restore effective heat distribution and keep all parts of your home comfortable this winter, contact the HVAC service professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.