To Cool or Not to Cool? Can Turning Off Your A/C Save Money?

The cooling season starts early in Yuma, and if you’re thinking about turning your A/C off to save money, read on. There are times when it makes sense to raise the thermostat or shut the A/C off altogether to cut cooling costs. There are also times when doing those things can raise the cost of keeping your home comfortable.

If your air conditioner is too small for your home, you run the risk of stressing it should your home get too hot for it to cool it down within a reasonable period. Conversely, running it when you won’t be home for extended periods adds unnecessary wear and tear to the parts.

When Shutting Your A/C Off Makes Sense

During the late spring and early summer, Yuma’s air is exceedingly dry, which makes it easier to cool. Outdoor temperatures drop quickly after sunset. This is a good time to save on A/C costs by shutting the system off. If possible, open doors and windows for an infusion of cooler, fresh air.

If you’re leaving for the summer, please reconsider turning your A/C off, just turn it up. Most of us have temperature-sensitive valuables.

When to Let Your AC Run

Temperatures and humidity climb in June, and the best way to save on cooling bills is by using a programmable thermostat. It remembers to turn the temperature up when you’re going to be away, which can add up to substantial savings. You can also set it to cool your home just before you return and lower it even more for a good night’s sleep.

If your summer plans include a vacation, a programmable thermostat will help you cut your cooling bills substantially. Besides knowing you’re not running your system unnecessarily during your absence, the thermostat will help you manage the indoor humidity and air quality by letting the A/C run just enough to maintain healthy indoor conditions.

If you’d like more information about turning your A/C off and other solid ways to protect your cooling system and save money, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, proudly serving Yuma-area homeowners.