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Explore HVAC History from 10 Years Ago

HVAC systems typically last 10 to 15 years, and a lot can happen in that time. If the system you bought new is now on its last legs, it’s likely you’ve missed a lot of advancements in the interim. Here’s a bit of HVAC history, along with a look at the technological changes that have been made in the past 10 years.


In 2010, programmable thermostats were a cutting-edge way to save energy while keeping your house comfortable. By setting it according to your family’s schedule, your system could provide cool or warm air while everyone’s home to enjoy it, then switch to an energy-efficient temperature when you go to work and the kids go to school.

Programmable thermostats are still around, but in the past 10 years, a new player has taken the stage. Smart thermostats can be controlled from your mobile device. You can change the temperature from anywhere and monitor your energy usage in real time. Learning thermostats even adapt to your comfort preferences automatically, while geofencing thermostats can turn your system on or off by automatically sensing your location in relation to your home.

Rules and Standards

Another important thing that’s changed in the past 10 years of HVAC history is the government regulations. In 2010, A/Cs used a refrigerant called R-22 to cool the air. However, that chemical has been found to be harmful to the environment and is now being phased out. If you’re buying a new HVAC system this year, it will use a coolant called R-410A instead, which is safer.

Efficiency-rating standards, unfortunately, haven’t changed. The minimum SEER rating for A/Cs has been 13 since 2005, and the minimum AFUE for furnaces is 78%. However, much more efficient models are available now than were on the market in 2010. The most efficient A/Cs are rated SEER 26, and AFUEs can get over 97% to keep you comfortable while drastically reducing your energy bills.

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