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Indoor Air Quality for Pregnant Women Is a Serious Issue

Little research has been done on the effects of indoor airborne particulates on pregnant women and their fetuses, but research is more than adequate to show that polluted air in general appears to account for lower birth weight. Some indicators show pollution may also contribute to autism, fertility problems, and miscarriages. It has long been known that airborne pollution, whether indoors or outside, contributes to asthma and other respiratory problems, which can in turn lead to high blood pressure.

Just as with any kind of pollutant, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to protecting the mother and the unborn. Read on for tips for improving IAQ for pregnant women.

Improve Your IAQ

Typically, the average home harbors these airborne particulates:

  • Dust, from multiple sources.
  • Mold, from high humidity.
  • Pollen from plants.
  • Dander from pets.
  • Volatile organic compounds from multiple sources, including pressed-wood products, chemicals, dry-cleaned clothing, cleaners, paint, upholstered furniture, and others.
  • Carbon monoxide (from combustion-powered appliances).
  • Radon (which seeps into the home from the soil).

The best way to improve air is to control these substances at the source. Vacuum frequently; mop floors; use a microstatic cloth to dust. Also:

  • Use a good-quality air filter and change it often.
  • Brush pollen from clothes and pets before coming into the home.
  • Let VOC-bearing products air out for a day before bringing them inside. Use natural products whenever you can find them.
  • Use a CO monitor and get CO leaks fixed immediately.
  • Fix plumbing and ceiling leaks right away; use a dehumidifier to diminish dampness. Clean up mold or mildew wherever you find it.
  • Get your home checked for radon. You may need radon-remediation measures.
  • Brush pets frequently. Bathe them as often as the veterinarian recommends.
  • Install some type of ventilation to remove stale air and bring fresh air to the home.
  • Install an air purifier, either portable or whole home.

To learn more about air purifiers and IAQ for pregnant women, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma.