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Does Your AC Need to Be Replaced? Do It Before the Summer.

As summer approaches, the last thing Yuma-area homeowners want to worry about is a broken air conditioning unit. If you’ve been noticing some issues with your HVAC system, you’ll want to be aware of these warning signs that your AC may need to be replaced. Being able to plan ahead and get your system repaired or replaced before summer can save you money.

For most homeowners with an AC that’s not working right, the first thought is to schedule a service call to get it repaired. Your HVAC technician will diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for repairs. In some cases, the technician will also give you an estimate for replacement.

No one wants to think about the cost of replacing an HVAC system. However, there are times when it is more cost-effective to replace rather than repair your system.

Warning Signs That Your AC May Need to Be Replaced

Obviously, not getting cool air is a big sign that your AC isn’t working right. Often, the culprit is a broken compressor or low refrigerant levels.

Another sign of problems is leakage around your AC unit. Some condensation isn’t unusual, but you shouldn’t be seeing puddles of water, and you shouldn’t see refrigerant at all.

Replace Vs. Repair?

Here are a couple of signs that indicate a replacement would be a good idea:

Age. The typical life of an HVAC system is 15 to 20 years. However, systems more than 10 years old are good candidates for replacement if they’re in need of expensive repairs. Newer systems benefit from advancements in energy efficiency, so homeowners typically see an improvement in their energy bills when they replace their old system.

R-22 Phase-Out. If your current system runs on R-22 refrigerant (Freon), it’s a good candidate for replacement once it starts breaking down. The Environmental Protection Agency has ordered Freon to be phased out because it is harmful to the ozone layer. It’s being replaced by R-410A, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. The phase-out of R-22 means that it’s getting more and more expensive to purchase.

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