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How Many HVAC Units Does Your Home Need to Have?

Because Yuma has such a high demand for cooling, people with large homes or those with two-story dwellings sometimes ask us about how many HVAC units they need. It’s likely that your home’s builder conducted an accurate load calculation for the size of the HVAC system when designing your home. But after living in it for a while, you may find that your current system is compromising your comfort.

Plenty of reasons exist for an uncomfortable home in the summer. You may have hidden air leaks, degraded attic insulation, insulation shifts in the walls or attic, or window problems. A large southern or western exposure will increase the heat gain, and places where your family gathers inside also tend to be hotter.

By adding a second HVAC system, you have the opportunity:

  • To provide comfortable temperatures in your otherwise unbalanced home. It’s hard in an extremely hot climate like this to thermally balance homes. A second HVAC system will help you maintain even comfort indoors.
  • To save energy. It may cost you more up front to install a second system, but over the long term, you save money. You won’t have to overcompensate at the thermostat to keep the hottest areas inside cooler. Instead of overcooling or overheating one part of your home to achieve comfort in another, you’ll be able to keep each at a reasonable temperature, which will also save energy and wear and tear on your system.
  • To discover your home’s energy pitfalls. How many HVAC units your home needs may also help you discover where you can make energy-efficiency improvements to save money and increase your comfort. Sealing the air leaks and adding insulation are easy, long-term improvements that save energy. Adding solar shades on windows is another way to increase your home’s ability to resist heat gain. Each of these improvements may increase the comfort in overly warm or cold areas indoors.

Analyzing how many HVAC units you need isn’t a do-it-yourself project. Working with the pros from Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company can help you discover your best options for home comfort. Please contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.