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What are the Most Highly Recommended Brands of AC Unit?

When it comes time to replace an air conditioning system, most Yuma homeowners have the same question: What are the most recommended AC brands, and which one should I get?

When you’re deciding between brands, you want to consider several factors:

  • Cost. Naturally, you want to get a good price. The trick is balancing up-front costs against how much you’ll spend for the life of the system.
  • SEER rating. SEER measures how energy-efficient an AC system is. A higher SEER number means more efficiency. This can be an important factor during hot Yuma summers.
  • Warranty. Some warranties cover more problems or offer a longer duration of coverage.
  • Types and features. Different brands and models offer different speeds, smart technology functions, sound levels, and air-quality controls.

Recommended AC Brands

Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating is a great brand if you’re interested in ductless mini-split AC systems. Ductless systems can be a great choice if you’re building your home or adding an AC system for the first time and don’t already have ducts in place. Also Mini-splits are perfect when adding a room. Hansberger has been a Diamond level Mitsubishi dealer for over Ten years. Mitsubishi systems are known for being reliable and using high-quality components. They have a variety of different units and offer a good warranty.

Lennox is another recommended AC brand due to its reputation for high efficiency and reliability. Hansberger is a Lennox Premier Dealer and has been Yuma’s Lennox dealer for over 45 years. Higher-end Lennox systems can have up to a 26 SEER rating, and there’s a wide range of different models to meet the requirements of your comfort and budget.

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