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How to Tell a Major vs. a Minor Electrical HVAC Issue

electrical HVAC issuesYour HVAC system is a complex piece of machinery with many working parts. Some are electrical, some are mechanical, and some are digital. Lots of things can go wrong, so scheduling preventative maintenance in the spring for the air conditioner and in the fall for a furnace inspection is a good plan. Sometimes, though, minor things happen that don’t necessarily need a service call. Here are some major and minor electrical HVAC issues to look out for.

Electrical Issues

  1. No power to the HVAC. Before you call a technician, check to see if the breaker has flipped. Also, check the controls to make sure the HVAC system is on and that the thermostat settings are low enough or high enough for the unit to turn on. Check other appliances and lights to be sure the electricity is flowing. It may also be that a fuse has burned out, which is not an expensive repair. If an electrical surge has fried your HVAC system, you will need an electrician and an HVAC technician. This is likely to be an expensive repair.
  2. Frayed or loose wires to the thermostat. You may be able to reconnect loose wires or replace worn wires to the thermostat. Flip the breaker before you work on it. If you’re not really sure how to fix it, call for help. You may have a larger problem with your electrical wiring that will call for an electrician.
  3. Blown capacitors. The AC has start capacitors and run capacitors that store energy to give your AC a boost of energy as needed. This is an inexpensive but essential fix. If you have regular maintenance, a technician can usually tell when the capacitor is wearing out.
  4. The blower fan breaks down. The motor to your blower fan won’t last forever and may eventually need replacement. Signs of failure are weak or no airflow. Usually, sounds such as banging, clanking or rattling are signs of mechanical failure, such as a broken part.

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