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Which Landscaping Tips Can Help Your HVAC’s Performance?

landscaping around your HVACWhen it comes to landscaping around your HVAC condenser, you usually have to work with what you’ve got. While it’s possible to have the unit moved, that’s expensive and complicated. Besides, the condenser will still need to be close to the house, so look for any possible way to work your landscaping around it and leave it where it is.

The two main things to consider when landscaping around the HVAC unit are:

  • Making sure whatever you plant doesn’t adversely affect the HVAC’s performance.
  • Visually minimizing the condenser unit in the landscape.

Let’s look at these landscaping tips to see how both goals can be achieved.

Protecting the Condenser

When considering plant material that will grow close to your HVAC unit, think about how big it will get and how it might impact your HVAC’s performance. For instance, growing a large shade tree nearby isn’t necessarily a bad thing; shading the unit from the hot sun in our climate can help it run cooler. At the same time, be careful what type of shade tree you plant.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to plant a cottonwood (a type of poplar) in your yard near the condenser because it sheds a fibrous material every year that can clog up the unit’s fins and radically slow down airflow. Avoid any plants that shed fibrous material or that have roots that might grow under the unit and move it around. Also consider planting any shrub too close to the unit (leave a distance of 3 feet), or it may affect airflow.

Another issue could be falling tree limbs. Shade is good, but watch out for damaged limbs that might break and fall on the unit.

Hiding the Condenser

Want to hide your condenser? Try planting some medium-sized desert succulents or other low-growing desert shrubs around the unit in a xeriscaped bed of rocky material to minimize its visual impact. The succulents won’t shed; the rocks won’t require weed eating that can fling grass into the fins.

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