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During the Summer, Which Accessories Should Your HVAC Have?

Summer in Arizona is a difficult beast. Your AC is instrumental in helping you beat the heat, but is there anything you can do to supplement that cooling power? Here are some of the top summer HVAC accessories you can try this season to maximize your home comfort.


Yuma summers aren’t just hot; they are also dry. What’s more, running your AC will dehumidify your home’s air even further, leading to sore throats, dry skin, and the spread of viruses. A humidifier can put some of that moisture back in the air. Additionally, a humidifier helps you better control your home comfort, allowing you to adjust to your ideal humidity level.

Misting system.

From pool parties to backyard barbecues, summer is a great time for outdoor get-togethers. A misting system can help keep you cool when you’re outside your AC’s sphere of influence. Spraying your patio with a fine mist can bring the ambient temperature down and make the glaring summer heat feel mild and comfortable.

Multistage compressor.

Your AC’s compressor is what allows the refrigerant to absorb heat from the air and release it outside. It’s the main part of the system that uses energy. With a multistage compressor, the air is compressed in two different chambers and allowed to cool in between compressions. This method not only cools the air more efficiently, it also helps your system last longer. Compressing in stages reduces the likelihood of overheating. It also creates less moisture than a regular compressor, reducing corrosion over time.

Variable speed air handler.

Not every day is a scorcher. In hot weather, you need a blast of cold air, but on milder days, all you need is a light breeze. A variable speed air handler adjusts the amount of air your system provides based on the ambient temperature. By only providing you with the air you need, it cools your home more efficiently and saves money and energy.

To learn about other summer HVAC accessories for your home, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We keep Yuma comfortable all year long.