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Find Out What Might Be Causing Reduced Airflow at Home

Reduced airflow inside your home is a comfort reducer. It can also increase monthly operating expenses as your HVAC system works harder to meet thermostat settings, and additionally, it can put excess wear and tear on cooling and heating components.  A qualified HVAC contractor can measure system air volume at locations throughout the house to determine whether it meets specs. Here are some of the possible causes of reduced airflow:

Clogged Air Filter

All airflow throughout the house passes through the system air filter. A dirty, clogged filter obstructs airflow and degrades cooling and heating performance and efficiency. Replace the air filter with a quality cotton or polyester pleated filter every month during summer and every other month in winter.

Leaky Ducts

Residential ducts typically begin leaking conditioned air as time goes on. By the time a home is 10 years old, it may be losing as much as 25% of the system airflow into the attic or crawl space due to ductwork leaks. A test can be performed to determine the extent and locations of leaks. If leakage is excessive, your HVAC contractor can suggest ductwork-sealing options to restore proper airflow.

Blower Issues

The central blower fan located inside the indoor air handler circulates air throughout the home’s supply-and-return ductwork. If the blower motor is worn out or the drive belt is slipping, reduced airflow will be the result. The blower components can be accessed and repaired or replaced by a qualified HVAC service technician.

Closed or Obstructed Room Vents

Proper airflow relies on fully open supply and return vents throughout the house. Check the supply air vent, typically located on an upper portion of a wall in each room, to make sure the grille is fully open. If the room has an individual return vent, it will be located on a lower portion of the wall. In many homes, there is one central return vent located in a central hallway.

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