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Learn Which Sounds Your AC Should (and Shouldn’t) Make

When your air conditioning system is running normally, it will produce some sounds. While some of these sounds are normal, some can be a sign that your system requires professional attention. So how can you tell these sounds apart? Learn more about AC sounds so you can know when to take action.

Normal AC Sounds

Your AC system consists of many different components. Just as with other complex systems, you’ll hear some noise while it works.

When the AC system is starting for the first time, it may let out a squeal. You may also hear clicking noises when it’s turning on and off. During regular operation, it usually produces a steady, quiet hum. You may also hear a whooshing sound as air moves through your vents.

All of these sounds shouldn’t be an issue of concern.

Strange AC Sounds

Some sounds are usually a sign of a problem with your AC components. They include:

  • Loud humming. Humming noises may be a sign of a bad motor or a failing starting capacitor. You’ll need to contact an HVAC contractor.
  • Rattling. Rattling is normally a sign of a loose part. You’ll need to have the issue fixed before the component disconnects completely or breaks. A rattling sound coming from your outdoor unit could be an indication that a twig or some other type of debris has gotten inside. Don’t remove the debris before turning the unit off.
  • Repeated clicking. If the repeated clicking is coming from the outdoor compressor or control panel, you may be having a defective relay.
  • Loud whistles. Whistling or screaming noises are usually a sign of an excess pressure buildup or a refrigerant leak. You’ll need to have the unit checked by a professional immediately.

Ignoring abnormal AC sounds could end up being detrimental to your whole HVAC system. Make sure you take quick action to prevent costly damage. If you’re concerned about a noisy air conditioner, contact the Yuma area’s AC experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. With more than 428 years of combined experience, we’ll handle any of your air conditioning needs skillfully.