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Lock Your Windows the Right Way to Ensure Good IAQ

Having good indoor air quality, or IAQ, is important to most Yuma-area homeowners. We all work hard to keep our families healthy, and we know the air they breathe has an impact on their well-being.

That’s why it’s important to find new and innovative ways to improve IAQ. Of course, you want to begin with the basics: Installing high-quality air filters, regularly removing dust and other irritants, and making sure your home has good airflow are some great places to start. But once you have those factors under control, there are still some improvements you can make.

The Positives and Negatives of Airflow Through Windows

Windows are a big source of airflow in any home. When you open them deliberately, you create a situation where outside air is allowed to come in. This is normally a good thing when outside air quality is good. When outdoor air quality is bad or the weather isn’t optimal, you want to make sure your windows are closed firmly.

The problem? We’re all human, and sometimes we don’t notice that the window didn’t close all the way, or we forget it’s open, or our kids open it and don’t tell us. Then we have what amounts to a really big leak until the window is closed correctly again.

How Window Locks Affect Airflow

How can you use your windows to get the benefits of fresh air without the problems caused by an open window that shouldn’t be open? Window locks solve the problem of windows leaking air because they’re not properly closed. Once you engage the window lock, the window should shut firmly.

But what about when you don’t know the window is open? That’s where smart locks can help. Not only do they provide the security against leaks — and intruders — that ordinary locks provide, but they also let you know when they’re not locked. With a glance at your phone, you can see what windows need to be shut. This gives you control over when you have fresh air coming into your home.

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