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What Money-Saving Tips Do HVAC Experts Advise This Summer?

While many people assume that home-cooling expenses are a fixed cost you just have to put up with, several money-saving tips can actually reduce that monthly outlay. Here in southwest Arizona, the average expense for cooling a home over the summer season is more than $450. Given our climate, it’s no surprise that this figure is the highest in the nation. There are effective ways to bring that number down, however. As it turns out, most also help improve system-cooling performance and reduce component wear and tear too. Here are some specific money-saving tips to make cooling your home more effective and more economical.

Get an annual AC tuneup by a qualified HVAC contractor.

This procedure includes vital maintenance procedures, as well as a full inspection to detect any issues that may affect reliability and performance. It also ensures that the unit operates at the manufacturer’s efficiency rating for lowest-cost cooling.

Change the air filter monthly.

When an experienced HVAC service tech is troubleshooting rising AC operating costs, the air filter is one of the first things he’ll check. Obstructed airflow caused by a dirty filter is a leading cause of increased energy consumption and higher costs, as well as declining cooling performance.

Reduce window heat gain.

Windows admit solar energy into the house, heating indoor air and making your AC run longer to keep the home cool.  On hot, sunny summer days, close curtains and/or venetian blinds to keep out solar heat.

Open vents.

To distribute cooling effectively, all AC supply and return air vents should be wide open and unobstructed. Closing vents in unoccupied rooms is never a good idea, as this tends to unbalance system airflow volume throughout the entire house.

Get an insulation evaluation.

The quality and depth of your attic insulation may have been sufficient years ago when the house was built. However, to meet today’s standards for higher efficiency and lower costs, you may need to add an additional layer.

The professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company have more money-saving tips for keeping you cool this summer.