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What Mobile Home Cooling Methods Are on the Market?

Cooling options for mobile homes have taken on more importance. Particularly here in our Southern Arizona climate, effective mobile cooling is more than just a matter of comfort — it’s a critical safety issue too. Fortunately, the HVAC industry is keeping up with the needs of the growing mobile cooling market, and a number of efficient options are now available.

Ductless mini splits.

These ductless units provide the benefits of advanced heat pump efficiency with easy installation that requires no major modifications. A system consists of a downsized outdoor heat pump unit about the size of a large suitcase (easily mounted to an exterior wall) and one or more low-profile, compact, wall-mounted air handlers that disperse cooled or heated air into individual rooms or spaces. A narrow refrigerant conduit linking the outdoor and indoor components requires only a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall.

Packaged units.

These central air conditioners integrate all AC components — evaporator and condenser coils, compressor, and blower fan — into a single unit. Permanently mounting certain components on the ground like a conventional central AC is not required. Packaged units deliver central-cooling power while keeping mobile homes mobile.

Portable air conditioners.

Now a popular option for mobile cooling in limited indoor spaces. Easily rolled about inside the home as needed, the most efficient portable air conditioners typically utilize two air hoses: one for air intake and one for air exhaust that extends to the outdoors through a window or sliding door adapter panel. Typical portable units offer cooling capacity for up to 500 square feet, appropriate for mobile home spaces like a bedroom.

Wall air conditioners.

These units provide similar BTU cooling capacity to window units but install directly through a mobile home wall. A mounting sleeve installed in the hole sized for the unit allows the AC to be inserted through the wall and secured in place while facilitating easy removal of the AC unit for service.

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