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Learn About How Air Filter Technology Has Come a Long Way

Your air filter is essential to your HVAC system. It keeps contaminants out of your air so you can breathe more easily. Filter technology has come a long way over the years. Here’s a look at some of your options for keeping your air clean, as air filter technology advances.

Ionic filters.

These filters use an electric charge to eliminate contaminants. Dust and allergens have a positive electrical charge. By using a negative charge, you can attract all those particles to one place. In less-advanced models, the negative charge is applied to any surface in your house: floors, tables, bookshelves, etc. The dust settles on those surfaces, and to get rid of them, just vacuum and dust regularly. However, with the latest filter technology, your positively charged particles are caught by a negatively charged collector plate.

UV light.

Ultraviolet light kills organic matter on contact. Therefore, it’s great against bacteria, mildew, and other living tissue. A UV light in your duct system irradiates the air as it passes by, killing contaminants. On its own, this one isn’t air filter technology but air-purifier technology. The particles are still in the air, but they are rendered harmless. It’s also ineffective against dust and other inorganic matter. Still, it can be very effective when used in conjunction with another air filter.

Activated carbon.

This one is great for eliminating VOCs, as well as gases and odors in the air. Activated carbon or charcoal absorbs these contaminants from the air and neutralizes them. Like the UV light, it works best when used with another air filter.

HEPA filters.

This is the gold standard of air filter technology. They remove more than 99.9% of your air’s contaminants, down to 0.3 microns. That includes bacteria, viruses, cigarette or cooking smoke, and a variety of other intrusive particles. The thickness of these filters will damage your HVAC system, so to use them, you’ll need a separate air-filtration system.

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