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The Most Common Electrical Issues with Your HVAC Unit

Even if you do proper HVAC maintenance, your HVAC system may still develop electrical problems. While some are easy to fix, some may be a sign of significant issues that may warrant system replacement. Below are some of the common HVAC electrical issues.

Wiring Problems

Your HVAC system contains numerous wiring systems. Corrosion, fraying, or disconnection could occur to the wires and disrupt the flow of power to your system’s electrical parts. This could make the components work harder and lead to breakdowns, as well as to other nonelectrical issues.

The Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

The breaker for your HVAC unit could frequently trip because of several reasons. You may have a breaker that’s loose or undersized, or your air conditioner may be drawing excessive energy. Loose circuit breakers can be easily tightened, whereas undersized ones may need replacement.

Bad Capacitors

Capacitors are vital HVAC components that store charge and regulate the power to your system. Failing capacitors may cause recurring problems. It’s best to have such capacitors replaced as soon as possible to avoid more-severe electrical issues.

Your AC Doesn’t Turn Off or On

Defective relays may prevent your air conditioner from shutting down. The relays perform the crucial task of transmitting power into the system’s motor. When they become stuck, they make your air conditioner run continuously. Similarly, if they’re forced open, they hinder your air conditioner from coming on, as electrical power fails to reach the motors.

Compressor Problems

The compressor is one of the costliest HVAC parts. If its motor is pulling too little or too much electricity, it could lead to overheating as well as to mechanical failures. If the compressor fails, replacing the entire unit may be the most cost-efficient solution.

Handling circuits on your own while trying to repair an electrical problem can be extremely dangerous. It’s safer and smarter to leave all electrical issues to a qualified HVAC company. Contact the licensed and experienced professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company for help with electrical issues and any other HVAC problems in the Yuma area.